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According to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, what percentage of breaches were caused by insiders:


Answer is C - 34%

This figure has risen by 9% in 2 years and is expected to rise year on year as users become more advanced. It is essential the modern business either has a defined Insider Threat Program or reviews its existing cyber security tools and identify ways to improve protection.

Are insider threat breaches always caused by malicious intent?


Answer is B - No

The Ponemon Institute calculates the average cost of an insider breach is $513000, this can rise to $8.76m if with malicious intent. It is important when building an insider threat program, you do not only focus on malicious intent. A solution that provides user education is equally important to ensure employees form the first line of defence by eliminating accidental errors.

What kind of employee is more likely to commit malicious insider IT sabotage?


Answer is A - System administrators.

System administrators usually have the knowledge, skill and access privileges to do the most damage to an IT network.

In your day-to-day interactions with your coworkers/employees, you notice the following. Which, if any, may be an indicator of an insider threat?


Answer is D - All of the above.

If you have these suspicions of an insider threat, it is important you have the forensic tools in place to go back in time to view the suspects prior behaviour.

Unauthorised downloads or copying of files, especially for employees who have given notice of employment termination, is an indicator of a possible insider threat?


Answer is A - True

By deploying an insider threat tool, you will have the ability to detect this behaviour in real time. However, if the employee had sufficient account privileges to avoid detection in real time, it is important the tool you deploy has the ability to easily review past behaviour.

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Check if you know how to detect suspicious behaviour and protect your organisation against corporate sabotage, theft, fraud, espionage, unintentional insiders and data breaches.

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