Join us for a free session and learn about how we are enabling businesses to run during a global pandemic without compromising on the security posture of the business. We will draw on examples of Australian businesses who fell victim to the effects of ignoring the importance of remote security and enablement of employee security training.   

Securing the Remote Workforce from Insider Risk


Securing the remote workforce from insider risk

In the realms of reality, business does not stop, but how do we enable organisations to run full steam ahead without compromising on the security posture of the business? Is it even possible?

During the webinar you'll learn how to:

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Stay one step ahead
ISO 27001 skills enable you to demonstrate to customers and other stakeholders you have the controls and procedures in place to protect their data by preventing data breaches. 

Protect your data & reputation

When it comes to data breaches, it is often the big fines that grab the headlines. As the accepted global benchmark for the effective management of information assets, ISO 27001 enables organisations to avoid the potentially devastating financial losses caused by data breaches.

Retain customers & win new businesses
Information security and data protection (GDPR) is making its way into the public. Aligning your organisation with the priorities and requirements of your customers will make you a far more attractive prospect.
Fifth Benefit
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Sixth Benefit
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Learn from industry  - recognised experts


Nick Maxwell, 

GM for UK, MEA, and ANZ at Ava Security

Nick Maxwell is a cyber security and networking industry professional with a passion for learning, working, and creating a better understanding of the concerns and needs of clients and partners, across several regions in a variety of verticals.

Maxwell has over 13 years of experience in the technology industry and has worked for multinational, leading technology companies. As the GM for UK, MEA, and ANZ at Ava Security, Maxwell continues to grow these regions with new partnerships facing new challenges and enabling organisations to mitigate against both physical and cyber threats in what is known as "hybrid attacks."  Utilising Machine Learning to intelligently and automatically detect and protect against threats across a unified physical and cyber platform.

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About the Webinar

                      Wed, October 21st, 2020

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Why securing the remote workforce is essential for your business?

Date & Time

Wed, October 21st, 2020

11:00 AM – 11:45 AM AEST

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Free 45 min Webinar

Speaker #2

Glenn Makowski, 

Managing Director, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom & Ireland at CommuniCloud Cyber Security

Glenn's leadership is a driving force behind our business. He uses his wealth of experience in telecommunications and cyber security to define CommuniCloud's overall strategy, as well as determining which solutions are right for the business. His role involves technical evaluation, understanding usability, and highlighting service benefits to our customers. Glenn works with key team members to set processes, policies, procedures, engages partners and manufactures to strengthen our position globally. 

Limit compromising controls

And insider threat security best practices

Enable email security

Increase visibility of users activity

Learn the security areas to focus on during working remotely or in a hybrid environment. Limited slots are available. 

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11:00 AM – 11:45 AM AEST

Insider threat program


Many of the most damaging security threats come from ‘trusted’ employees – who may be malicious or negligent, or indeed both. Learn with Ava and CommuniCloud how to build an insider threat program and gain the knowledge on how to protect your organisation from internal threats such as unintentional or malicious insiders, data breaches, theft of intellectual property, corporate sabotage and fraud. 


Protect the data

Insider threat program